E X T E N S I O N   C R E E D

Go to the people

Live with the people

Learn from them

Plan with them

Work with them

Start with what they know

Build on what they have

Teach by example, learn by doing

Not a showcase but a pattern

Not odds and end, but a system

Not piece meal but integrated approach

Not a conform but to transform

Not relief but release



The Institute of Arts and Sciences Extension Program emanates from its four programs: Bachelor of Science in English, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Bachelor of Science in Biology and Bachelor of Science in Development Communication.


Develop self sustaining community through applications of knowledge- based technology


            The IAS Extension Unit shall provide relevant and practical technologies for people empowerment, increased community participation and sustainable development.


Facilitate sustainable development in the countryside through info-dissemination and demonstration of different and practical technologies.


            The IAS generally aims to serve as catalyst of development in the delivery of services in the fields of education, particularly literacy, proficiency, and numeracy for Sciences, English and Human Sciences as well as provide better living in the community.


· To increase the adoption and utilization of technologies generated from the Institute and College research activities

· To disseminate relevant information on technologies

· To provide technical assistance to target clientele

· To contribute in the upliftment of the living condition of target beneficiaries.



1. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM- concerned with economic, social, political and educational development of communities which would be made possible through adoption of a barangay or a school.

2. SOCIAL SERVICES PROGRAM- provides access to special services for the improvement of the educational, health status as well as enhancement of their socio-cultural, sports development, and value formation for the welfare of the different sectors of the communities as: children, youth, mothers, disabled and senior citizens as an offshoot of the PAC Extension Program on BIDANI.

3. ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM-provides opportunities for environmental awareness and initiates different environmental projects and activities.

4. LIVELIHOOD PROGRAM- designed to initiate livelihood projects and activities in its adopted community. This provides livelihood projects geared towards eradication of unemployment problem as well as extreme poverty and hunger.

5. SKILLS TRAINING/LITERACY/ and PROFESSIONAL ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM-provides skills training/ literacy and professional enhancement seminars/workshops and other learning opportunities to the employed workers and professionals, disadvantaged groups such as OSY and unemployed adults.


Extension / Community Outreach Activities (SY 2012 - 2013)

1.  Free Tutorial in College Algebra and Fundamentals of Mathematics organized by the Mathematics Society on July 17-20, 2012

2. Basic English Training Program for CUP Korean students participated by the Communication Arts Circle and the Department of Languages and Literature Faculty, IAS Extension Coordinator and IAS Officials