Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives

Mission | Vision | Goals and Objectives

Our Mission

To transform Pampanga Agricultural College into a state university that produces world class human resources and products, technologies and information for people empowerment and sustainable development.

Our Vision

As a world class institution of higher learning dedicated to excellence in agricultural sciences, industrial technology and the allied fields, research and development, extension and training for global competitiveness and cooperation within the next decade.

Goals and Objectives

PAC adopts the following goals and objectives, which permeate into the various curricular offerings of its departments:

  • Provide advanced technical and special instruction, training, and studies in agricultural science, technology and allied fields;
  • Undertake agricultural research, production, and extension activities that enhance the quality of higher education and countryside development; and
  • Promote achievement in education and its products for agricultural and rural development not only for Central Luzon but also for the Philippines as a whole.
  • To train the students and provide them with a variety of career and technical education programs in the field of information technology and allied fields that will prepare them for employment in the current business, industry, and service sectors;
  • To provide enhanced IT educational training through the development of partnerships that promote and support economic development and service to the community;
  • To inculcate among students an environment that fosters high ethical standards, openness, trust, respect, and fairness among all members of the academic community;
  • To provide learning opportunities for cultural enrichment and personal development; and
  • To promote awareness of the importance of computer technologies and e-learning with other fields of studies such as agriculture, business, education, and other fields of endeavor.